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CBR CECCATO - Company profile

Felice Ceccato

Bruno Ceccato

Romeo Ceccato

After the second World War, Felice Ceccato and his sons Bruno and Romeo, blacksmiths dealing with agriculture since they were children, decided to found a little company to manufacture and repair agricultural implements.

They named their company “Ceccato Bruno & Romeo”, and it was one of the first firms founded in the little town of Arsego. In the course of the years, the two brothers focused their attention to the production of hayrakes and rotative spreaders-tedders, maize mills and wine-presses.

They attended from soon at the local fairs, like the ancient agricultural fair of Arsego*, famous agricultural and cattle exposure and then to other exhibitions, like Padua and Verona fairs. Briefly their implements collected assents and prizes.

* The Arsego fair was established on August 23rd, 1747 by Doge Grimani. Since 1747 it takes place every year on the third Sunday of the month of October and the next Monday. Born as agricultural fair, especially for cattle, it developed more and more in commerce and expository sector and it is still today one of the most important fairs of Venetian territory.

Bruno Ceccato’s children, Renato and Renzo, acquired in the company of father and uncle the passion for agricultural sector, continually developping.
In 1979 they became the present-day owners and changed the name of the firm in “C.B.R.” di Ceccato Renato e Renzo, where C.B.R. means Ceccato Bruno e Romeo, in homage to founders.



The company CBR di Ceccato Snc was established in 1979 by the two brothers Renato and Renzo Ceccato, with the aim of carrying the work of the agricultural and oenological machinery production on, which started by Ceccato's parents in the early Fifties.

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The long experience and the approvals met in the domestic and overseas markets confirm the refined quality of these agricultural machineries.
The attention focuses on these 3 lines:

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